British Peace Activists To Serve As Human Shields For Baghdad

British Peace Activists To Serve As Human Shields For Baghdad: Someone call the Darwin Awards, there are idiot Brits flying out to Iraq to serve as human shields for Saddam

“British peace protesters plan to go to Baghdad to act as voluntary “human shields” during a war against Iraq.

The activists, who have received President Saddam Hussein’s blessing for the mission, want to try to deter attacks by “showing solidarity” with the Iraqi people and witnessing “their suffering”.

They are willing to risk their lives in the hope that their presence at installations such as power stations might deter American and British bombing raids.”

If we actually did avoid targets because these peace loonies were there (which hopefully we won’t), it would not surprise me one bit to see Saddam kill a bunch of them and dump their corpses at some target we bombed in an effort to blame the US for their deaths. That would make for some tombstone wouldn’t it?

Here lies Kofi Chomsky.
Dec 14, 1980 – Dec 23, 2002
His last act was to be a propaganda
tool for a brutal dictator.
He will not be missed.

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