Buying Cars From Chrysler And General Motors? No Thanks.

I’m not buying another car from Chryser or General Motors for the foreseeable future, despite the fact that I currently own a Dodge. There are good reasons for taking that position.

At Chrysler, the UAW now owns more the 50% of the company and the sad fact is that union is run by people hostile to everything conservatives hold dear. Since the UAW is so slavishly devoted to the Democratic Party, every time you buy a Chrysler from this point forward, you’re now essentially making a contribution to the Democratic Party with your purchase. By engineering a crooked deal that allowed the United Auto Workers to become the majority shareholders in Chrysler, Barack Obama has made buying a car from them an extremely important political issue — and that’s too bad.

As for General Motors, the federal government is going to be the majority shareholder in the company and given how stupid, slow, and incompetent the Feds are, you’ve got to believe the quality of their vehicles is going to drop. The Feds can claim that they’re not getting involved with the day to day operation at GM, but they’re neck deep in which plants remain open and closed, which dealers get axed, personnel matters, and what kind of cars are being made. Given the habitual ineptitude of the federal government, it seems rather foolish to risk buying a car from a company they’re heavily involved with.

Additionally, it’s worth considering that the government interference at GM and Chrysler has made it much less likely that either company will survive long term. Contracts with either company? They mean nothing because the government may just decide to rewrite the deal at a whim. Loaning those companies money? Can anyone afford to do that when the government may screw you over just like they did the current bondholders?

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At some point, down the line, things may change, but at the moment, buying a Chrysler or GM car, especially when there are plenty of alternatives, including Ford, to consider, would seem to be a very bad idea.

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