California: A Hollywood Starlet Past Her Prime

Over spend, take in too little income. You have two choices: Cut spending or increase income. Since California doesn’t want to increase income, the choice is to cut spending or go bankrupt.

Here’s a thought: How about cutting spending?

I know. I know. It’s so obvious, it might just work. Or, you could go bankrupt which will….cut spending. Cutting spending will mean cutting out fab life-style choices like environmental policies which make a person feel fab about oneself but don’t demonstrate any real benefit. As I’ve noted before, environmentalism is a luxury of the rich.

California, you’re not rich. The rich can afford special windows, organic food and the time to trudge to the local farmer’s market to “buy local”. The poor have to work from dawn ’til dusk, live in energy inefficient homes and buy cheap food.

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You’re poor.

Sure you have caviar dreams and still love the finer things, but honey, you’re a has-been and starting to look pathetic. Cut back on the Moet and move out of the mansion. It’s time for a little working-class reality. It’s time to live within your means.

You want help? Yeah, well, you’ve been kinda bitchy in the past, you know? Looked down your nose at everyone else. Thought you were superior and kinda showed off your beauty. No one’s too inclined to be charitable, especially since you lived so large. And you could again, you just don’t want to pare back during the rough times.

Suit yourself. It ain’t easy being past your prime and down and out. You could at least have some dignity and pride and cut the fluff. Instead, you look intent on flaming out spectacularly–maybe by committing suicide via pills. So dramatic. Be careful, though. There’s a good chance no one will be able to save you in time. Might just want to make some tough choices.

Or not.

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