Call Your Congressmen RIGHT NOW & Tell Them To Vote Against Waxman-Markey (Cap And Trade).

Nancy Pelosi is trying, and for the moment at least, failing to ram through the Cap and Trade Bill, H.R. 2454, which is also called Waxman-Markey.

This bill will drive up gas prices. It’ll drive up energy prices. It’s the biggest tax increase in American history and it will hurt American families and businesses across the board.

Why? So we can fight something that doesn’t exist: manmade global warming. You might as well be throwing your money away to keep the tooth fairy out of people’s houses.

Moreover, nations like China and India aren’t going to participate in this sham. That means other nations will have a competitive advantage over American companies. Democrats, in their infinite wisdom, are going to attempt to compensate for this boneheaded bill by putting tariffs on other countries that don’t have this same dumb legislation. That will inevitably lead to a trade war that will raise the cost of goods, cut American exports, and put even more Americans out of jobs.

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In other words, there is no upside to this bill. It’s all pain, no gain, and it accomplishes absolutely nothing. Even Greenpeace opposes it.

So, let’s stop this bill, right here, right now, today — in the House. Pick up the phone right now, call your Congressional representatives, and tell them to oppose this bill.

Update #1:My instinct is that we’re going to lose this vote in the House and then it’s going to go up to the Senate — but the Republicans in the House are at least giving them hell.

Here’s Tom Price asking for a moment of silent for all the Americans who are going to lose their jobs because of this bill.

As we speak, John Boehner is reading the 300 page amendment on the floor of the House and he’s dropping in a lot of editorial commentary as he goes.

They may lose because they’re so outnumbered, but they are going down fighting.

Update #2: It passed 219-212 with 8 turncoat Republicans, who deserve to be branded with this vote for the rest of their careers, voting for it.

Update #3: I couldn’t help but note that two of the “Republicans” who voted for this bill were Mike Castle who’s running for senator in Delaware and Mark Kirk, who wants to run for the Senate in Illinois. In all honesty, if they’re not even willing to vote against the biggest tax increase in history, why should any Republican want to see them in the Senate?

I don’t expect Republicans from states like Illinois and Delaware to toe-the-line on every issue, but on a huge bill like this, that raises taxes, destroys jobs, expands government, and creates massive new regulation, you can’t vote with the Democrats and then claim to be a “loyal Republican.”

There’s a difference between being a moderate Republican, who’s still loyal to the party and being an Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist, or Jim Jeffords, who has no principles, and doesn’t care about anything except securing a cushy job. Given our numbers in the Senate, I suppose beggars can’t be choosers, but it’s worth noting that unprincipled men like Mark Kirk and Mike Castle have done more to destroy the Republican Party’s reputation over the last few years than the Democrats ever could.

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