Can The Press Make It All Better For President Obama’s Poll Numbers Blues?–UPDATED ALREADY

How powerful is the press in creating the narrative around President Obama? His poll numbers have slipped and I’m wondering if their full court press can rescue him. Can shiny, happy, soft-focused coverage for a huge government health care plan change the poll numbers? Will President Obama’s cajoling, reasoned, pleading tones work on the American people?

The members of the press won’t ask any challenging questions of Obama because they believe the greater good to be served is that President Obama’s agenda must be served. Please note, the mainstream media won’t even report that Democrats are divided on the many provisions in different versions of bills never mind whether the whole thing is a good idea at all. They want this FOR OBAMA. Good poll numbers are key. Can they do it?

Can the press save Obama?
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So I finish this post, go over to Instapundit, and see this link to Boing Boing about Hitler’s use of American-style advertising:

It continues:

“As is well known, the word propaganda in Germany is used synonymously with the word advertising. Although in this country and in Great Britain propaganda has the unfortunate connotation of being free instead of being paid for, this distinction does not exist in Germany.”

Ah, yes, that unfortunate connotation of freedom! Interesting that this is the only negative connotation of “propaganda” at this time. In fact, the (American) author makes sure to point out that in the Hitler speech that follows the word “propaganda” should be read as “advertising.” Apparently, the trade mag wants credit for schooling the Führer.

The article then goes on to quote Hitler at length talking about something that Americans who worked in advertising at the time already believed: that the masses are morons who respond only to simple messages repeated thousands of times (a perspective I discuss at length in my book).

Seventy-some years later, this belief is as popular with the powers that be as it was in 1933. Which, if nothing else, provides a shred of evidence connecting the makers of the Head-On commercial to the Nazis.

I do believe that President Obama and the press believe that the American people are sheeple and need to be lead to the right conclusion rather then presented the evidence and be allowed to come to their own conclusions. I’m still wondering how effective the non-stop advertising will be here. We’ll see in the coming two weeks.

My thought: If President Obama’s numbers rise over the next two weeks in the face of the horrendous economic numbers and general distaste for the ever expanding government, President Obama and his beholden press possess extraordinary power to manipulate the masses.

Does this make the masses stupid? I’m not sure. When the only information people receive is distorted, biased and yet presented as objective fact, can the people be blamed for believing and giving their President the benefit of the doubt?

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