Card Check Ain’t Dead Yet

Here’s the thing about liberal special interest groups: They are like the terminator. If one cell or piece of metal still exists, if the whole idea isn’t utterly destroyed, the machine will be back and angrier than before. That’s where Big Labor is about Card Check and the onerous Binding Arbitration. The Labor Unions will not let the issue die. President Barack Obama was bought and paid for, dammit, and this bill will pass. They are owed.

So, the one leg of the Trifecta of Doom(TM) is growing back. Says the Wall Street Journal:

One proposal would slash the time for an organizing vote, requiring that it be held within five or 10 days after 30% of workers had signed cards asking for a union. The median time today is 38 days. Organizers want the rush because they know the more time workers have to learn about a union, the less they usually want one. Once employees hear the other side of the story, support dwindles.

This also explains a Big Labor demand to bar companies from requiring their workers to hear management’s side during a union campaign. Labor supporters say this creates a “captive audience,” but these meetings are one of management’s few opportunities to address workers, since companies are barred from the sort of outreach allowed to union organizers — such as visiting employees at home. At the same time, Senators want to give union organizers access to company property.

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Democrats also aren’t giving up on binding arbitration, which would let a federal arbitrator impose a contract if management and a newly established union at a work site aren’t able to agree within 90 days. The provision would encourage unions to make maximum demands and play for time, knowing that an arbitrator could force management’s hand. Binding arbitration also denies employees a vote on a contract.

Oh yeah, Unions are all for the little guy. The question is whether these thugs can jam through the legislation that Barack Obama has promised them.

Now is the time to call soft moderate Democrats from Southern states whose states benefit from being union-free.

The Union’s idea here is to make every state as unproductive, hamstrung and miserable as Michigan. Should places like Wal-Mart unionize or should manufacturing plants in the South end up unionized, the whole country will be as oppressed and depressed as the union states now are. Business can’t grow when forced to make unproductive, expensive choices. Card Check is another way Barack Obama is trying to make things “fair”. He wants people to be paid more than the job is worth. This will force companies to cut workforce. It always does. But that matters not to them.

To President Obama, the American economy is just one big, grand experiment.

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