Carols Deemed Too Religious for Christmas

The campaign to purge Christianity from Christmas presses forward:

A school choir was forced to withdraw from a Christmas event because organisers branded its carols ‘too religious’.

Around 60 children aged between seven and 11 had spent six weeks practising favourites including Once In Royal David’s City and Silent Night for the Corringham Winter Festival.

But they were let down at the last minute when their headteacher was informed their programme did not ‘dovetail’ with the festival’s theme.

The event ended up going ahead last week with non-religious music and displays from an Irish school of dancing and performing arts students.

Naturally the organizers wouldn’t want to risk alienating Muslims by acknowledging that Christmas has something to do with Christ — not in an area where only 75% of the population identifies itself as Christian, and a full 1% as Muslim.

After Christ has been hollowed out of Christmas, moonbats will move on to other holidays. In the USA, we can expect to have the Thanks taken out of Thanksgiving, since there is no one to be thankful to, unless you’re politically incorrect enough to believe in God. Presidents Day will be renamed Barack Obama Day, because it would be insensitive to honor dead white men. All that red, white, and blue jingoism will have to be purged from the Fourth of July, but we’ll still have the barbeques, so long as they’re vegetarian — unless of course barbeques are found to cause global warming.

On a tip from Wiggins. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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