Carter & Clinton’s Gift To The Republicans

Carter & Clinton’s Gift To The Republicans: Since Clinton and Carter have both come out against the war Republicans should exploit it to show the difference between Republicans and Democrats on the war. A political commercial that went like this might be just the ticket…

(Pic of Jimmy Carter comes up on the screen – deep ominous music plays in the background) Ex-President Jimmy Carter has told us that, “there is no current danger to the United States from Baghdad.” Yet wasn’t this the same President who told us something similar about Iran (pic of Carter replaced by protesting Iranian mobs burning American flags — “Death to America” chants heard in background) before his inaction allowed a government friendly to the US to be toppled and replaced by the world’s foremost terrorist regime, a regime which took American hostages?

(Pic of a grinning Bill Clinton comes up on the screen) Ex-President Bill Clinton has also come out against a strike on Iraq because he says we need to, “finish the job with Osama bin Laden before taking on Iraq.” (Cut to one of the Osama Bin Laden videos) But isn’t this the same Bill Clinton who thought Osama Bin Laden was such a negligible threat to America that he turned down an offer from Sudan to hand him over to America in 1996? Can we really trust his judgement about Iraq’s danger to America?

(Cut to picture of George Bush standing in front of an American flag, in front of a cheering crowd. An instrumental of “Proud to be an American” plays in the background) Republicans like George Bush say that allowing Saddam Hussein and the terrorists in al-Queda that he supports and shelters to continue to seek access to nuclear weapons risks countless American lives. Hussein is an aggressive dictator who’s used weapons of mass destruction against Iran and even his own people. His al-Queda allies killed almost 3000 people on 9/11 and could kill millions if Saddam achieves his goal of building a nuclear weapon. George Bush and the Republican party say that Saddam Hussein and al-Queda are dangerous and that they have to be stopped. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and the Democrats say Saddam and the terrorists he’s supporting are nothing to worry about.

On November 11th, you’ll have a chance to show who you trust at the ballot box and millions of American lives may depend on the outcome…

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