Chastity Bono: Deep Thoughts

You probably don’t care that Chastity Bono is getting a sex change operation. I’m just going to bring up two points about this.

1. We watched Chastity grow up. She looked normal enough as a kid. However, she is the kid of popular celebrities. One of her parents is the outrageous Cher. How do you top a parent like Cher? How do you capture and maintain your mother’s attention when you felt deprived as a kid? I think we’re seeing how to do exactly that.

2. Should her surgery be covered by insurance? And if, gender confusion/identity mix up actually becomes a legit diagnosis, would you, as a taxpayer like to pay for this surgery for someone else should health care reform get passed?

Under a government-run health care, the science to support health choices will be as dubious as the science that supports climate-change driven economic policy.

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