Chgo Trib’s Eric Zorn Doesn’t Mind That Teddy Got Away With Murder

If this isn’t the perfect example that liberals don’t care who has to die in order to make sure that left wing policies win the day, then nothing does. We can see this prime example in Eric Zorn’s horrid August 28 editorial where he thanks … well, whatever deity leftists believe in, if any… that the country didn’t quickly find out about the homicide of Mary Jo Kopechne that was committed by Teddy Kennedy in July of 1969.

Zorn is happy that the news of Teddy’s crime was quashed for hours as the poor woman slowly drowned while Teddy boy sat around a plush hotel drinking with pals. He’s happy because if the country had seen 24/7 coverage of the incident in 1969 it may have ruined Teddy’s career as a politician afterward. And if that had happened, you see, why the “lion of the Senate” wouldn’t have been able to push his anti-American, left-wing agenda for the ensuing four decades.

So, as far as Zorn is concerned, quashing the news of the homicide that Kennedy committed was a good thing. In Zorn’s opinion, allowing the woman to slowly drown wasn’t so bad after all. In Zorn’s opinion, the attempted cover-up of Mary Jo Kopechne’s death was unimportant. Yeah, the woman’s death was a small price to pay for 40 years of pushing a left-wing agenda.

After padding his editorial for paragraph after paragraph of pointless exposition of how TV might cover such an incident now, Zorn finally got to the meat of his point at the end of his piece.

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This thought experiment invites a question to which there is no nonpartisan answer: Was it just as well that we didn’t — couldn’t — have a media feeding frenzy over Chappaquiddick in 1969? Would the nation have been better off if Kennedy had been shamed into private life?

Or, as I believe, is the nation — particularly our disabled and disadvantaged residents — better off for the 40 years of service he was able to render after that terrible night?

The momentary satisfaction of destroying Ted Kennedy for his failings would have had a significant price. Something to keep in mind when the next fallen figure, Democrat or Republican, stumbles into the heat lamp.

So, hiding this poor woman’s death as much as possible from the media and the public was justifiable because it allowed Teddy to go on pushing his agenda without a hitch in his program. Who cares that a woman was killed by Teddy’s negligence and attempted cover-up? As long as left-wing policies were successfully pushed, who cares about murder?

If one might take a step further back here, one can easily understand that Zorn wouldn’t care how many people would have to die as long as liberals win on the political front. If he has no sympathy for Kopechne, he’ll have no sympathy for you, your grandma or your little dog Toto.

And can we also take a second here to realize that this “journalist” is advocating for the Media to be muzzled, as well? We are seeing this extremist, left-wing journo telling us that he doesn’t care if the media is squelched as long as left-wing policies are successful. Oppressing the press is A-OK, as far as Zorn is concerned, as long as we can find liberal politics succeeding.

There is no doubt whatever that Teddy Kennedy is guilty of homicide. There is little doubt that after that he was guilty of all sorts of moral outrages and violations of the law not to mention sins against his country. He was a terror supporter by helping the IRA during “the troubles,” he was a drunk and a sexual harasser, he tried to make side deals against his country with our enemies, and he supported some of the most un-American policies ever to disgrace Washington. That on top of his culpability in Kopechne’s death.

But because Zorn liked his politics, Kennedy’s every manner of immorality, outrage and violations of the law is just fine. And the media better shut up about it, too.

Teddy Kennedy was an odious, horrible American from a long line of criminals, abusers, drug addicts and murderers And Eric Zorn loves him.


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