Chicago Citizens Fill Potholes Themselves

Chicago Citizens have taken to the streets to fill potholes in their community. Evidently, the Chicago government is so inept that potholes are left all over the city. This is a great demonstration of private citizens taking the initiative when the government fails, as it inevitably does.

Ironically, now the City of Chicago is warning people to leave the potholes alone. Their argument is that this is a “safety” concern, and if anyone is injured by the filled potholes, it will be unclear whether or not the city or the private citizen is responsible. This is abject nonsense.

The truth is that the Democrats want to be able to give their kickbacks to contractors and government workers to fill the potholes. If the citizens voluntarily fill the holes themselves, that will impact the bureaucrats’ ability to buy votes in the next election. This is corruption at its worst.

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