Climahysterics Scared Silly Over Chamber Trial Challenge

You know what happens when anyone challenges one of the religious doctrines of the Left? If you guessed “reasoned debate,” well, then, you buy me the tequila

Global warming deniers seem to be in the same camp as so-called birthers (crazies who believe conspiracy theories that President Obama isn’t a US citizen). Both groups believe that there is some vast, politically motivated conspiracy by liberals to … do something bad? But in the case of Global Warming, it’s hard to figure out why liberals would engage in such a vast conspiracy that would require the complicity of virtually every climatologist in the world.

Except, more and more and more climatologists (notice that in this screed, it is not “scientists?” You know, folks like Al Gore), including ones who have participated in the UN IPCC, are denying the man made component.

However, one thing is clear: Most global-warming deniers are also conservative religious fundamentalists who believe in creationism. These are the people who ignore expertise of virtually every scientist on Earth about evolution, and they apparently have no trouble extending their ignorance to the environmental sciences.

The impulse is to list many of the scientists who have been, and have become, deniers, to rebut this bit of insane ad hominem attack, but, really, it is nothing more than an insane ad hominem attack, which simply highlights the imbecilic and moonstruck viewpoints of the Believers.

Meanwhile, over at Planet Gore

The EPA is of course ducking the opportunity to finally and for the first time make its case. To this point, they have appealed to authority of the IPCC, which says on its web page that it doesn’t perform any research. That should tell you as much as you need to know about their confidence in the case: it’s nonexistent, and they are filled with terror over the thought of having to defend their stance.

They can’t win, which is why they don’t fight. They are cowards, and the more hysterical and threatening their rhetoric gets in the face of this refusal, the more they prove far too much.

Exactly. It is easier for climahysterics to throw out personal attacks and insults. Most people do not deny that there has been warming. But, most people realize that Mankind is not the primary, or sole, cause of the warming. And they realize that all the legislation passed has, and will, accomplish nothing more than interfere with the rights, lives, and privacy of people, reduce economies, and destroy industries. But, remember, with the Left, it is about intentions, not outcomes.

Meanwhile, over at the BBC, Richard Black discusses one of my favorite subjects, and the thing that annoys me most about AGW, namely, how the AGW movement has hijacked legitimate environmental concerns.

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