Clueless Gun Control Advocates? Big Surprise There.

Clueless Gun Control Advocates? Big Surprise There: I’m not surprised that there are gun control advocates trying to take advantage of the sniper murders, that’s to be expected. But I don’t know how people can keep from laughing when they hear people like Tom Diaz from the Violence Policy Center talking about a “sniper subculture”…

“An underground “sniper subculture” is brewing in the United States thanks to the aggressive marketing of so-called sniper rifles by gun manufacturers and lax gun-control regulations, according to a gun-control advocacy group.”

“From everything we see about the growth of books, the growth of websites, the apparent commercial success of these schools, we believe this subculture is growing.”

So apparently this guy believes that there is a whole “subculture” of gun enthusiasts around the US who may go on insane killing sprees at any time? What a loon — but wait — it gets better. What solution has Diaz come up with to stop the “sniper subculture?” Here’s a quote from the article…

“Tom Diaz, the group’s senior policy analyst, warned that more incidents, similar to the shootings in the last three weeks, could happen unless federal and state lawmakers curb the sale of some long-guns and place new restrictions on shooting schools that teach individuals how to use firearms”

Sure, we’ll just ban more guns and stop teaching people to shoot. That makes perfect sense. But where did this guy learn to shoot? It was the US military, not some “shooting school.” So what are we going to do, stop teaching recruits how to fire a weapon? Maybe Diaz and the other gun control advocates should take a look at this statistic from the article so they can get a little perspective on this situation…

“According to a November 2001 Bureau of Justice Statistics report, rifles of all calibers were used in 1.3 percent of the crimes committed by felons currently serving sentences in state or federal prisons. The report did not specify the caliber of weapons used by the offenders.”

You know what that statistic tells me? Rifles are overwhelmingly used by law abiding citizens. So if anything, they should be LESS regulated than they are currently.

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