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Being a hardcore Canadian “freespeecher” (that word, btw, is used to insult us on leftwing blogs up here…), I’ve proposed (unrealistically, I admit) that the Internet be declared a libel free zone.

After all, our Members of Parliament are immune from libel and slander for anything they say in the House. Why shouldn’t ordinary citizens enjoy such a safe zone too?


Ezra Levant now reports that even Parliamentary immunity may no longer be safe if our dreaded Human Rights Commissions get their way.

Cuz, hey — what’s a centuries-old Anglo Saxon parliamentary “dead white male” “privilege” compared to the imaginary hurt feelings of imaginary Indians in a case brought by a bunch of decidedly non-aboriginal leftoid hacks?

Because — and I am not making this up — the latest Human Rights Commission case involves “racist,” “anti-aboriginal” ink colors on a Member of Parliament’s five year old campaign flyer.

I know: like you, I missed all the news reports about how this little “hate speech” pamphlet inspired Canadian Indians to burn down their own billion-dollar casinos, scalp little old ladies at their slot machines, and torch their illegal cigarette and gun running operations in protest.

But our bureaucratic betters at the Human Rights Commission agree with the white guy who brought the case and the white “expert” on Indian stuff he hired, that if allowed to go unpunished, this “racist” flyer will lead to… well… something or other. And they’re determined to put a stop to, er, it! (Using millions of my tax dollars — in tough economic times.)

I hear from more and more American readers every day, voicing their fears — while they still can — that an Obama presidency will usher in Canadian style Human Rights Commissions.

They are not naive enough to believe their First Amendment will safeguard them; “freedom of speech” is enshrined in the Canadian Charter, too. And Obama will appoint, what, three Supreme Court justices in his first term?

Of course, you can read all about these rogue bureaucratic censors — and learn how some of us have fought them and won — in my new book The Tyranny of Nice: how Canada crushes freedom in the name of human rights — and why it matters to Americans. It has a terrific introduction by a man who did just that: Mark Steyn — who will even autograph your copy!

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