Confessions of a Former McCain Supporter

Anyone who has read my blogs these past 3 years know that I was a BIG McCain supporter long before the primaries. This July 2006 entry at the Houston Chronicle illustrates my early belief in McCain. All through the primaries I blogged and blogged on the man. I attended two fundraisers at River Oaks in Houston and met him and had my picture made with him. I argued and argued with my fellow Conservatives. I was convinced he was the one who could win.

Oh boy, was I wrong.

I was like the teenager who is just convinced she is the smartest person in the room, and we all know there is no reasoning with that.

I wasn’t just wrong about McCain being able to beat Obama. Although, I don’t think anyone could have beaten Obama with all his money and the media on his side. It was train that no one could have stopped. But I was wrong about McCain in general.

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McCain never believed in Republican values enough to stand strong for them. He could have made a grand statement by not voting for the first stimulus bill, but he didn’t. He could have exposed Obama for the socialist policies he advocated, but he didn’t. There are a thousand things he didn’t do. The only smart thing he did during the campaign is pick Sarah Palin as his V.P. She brought the crowds and the excitement with her. But he used her ineffectively. He didn’t defend her from scurrilous attacks. His staff was pathetic and inept. I hope that all Republican politicians understand that, and NEVER hire any of McCain’s staff EVER.

And then there is Meghan McCain. A younger female version of McCain. His daughter has chosen to step in the public spotlight, and it has been nothing but embarrassing. Like her father, she is critical of many things that Conservatives hold dear. She has this notion that the party should change for her, to bring in a younger, more hip crowd. You know, that younger, more hip crowd that doesn’t understand the issues, but can make a mean appletini. They vote on emotion. They voted for Obama because he was “cool.”

I’m sure in the next few years as they graduate from college and there are no jobs to be had, they will start to understand that “cool” doesn’t get the economy going or produce jobs. They will mature and understand that more government is never the answer, and that with Obama they were sold a bill of goods. They will learn to vote Republican after experiencing the real grownup world. The Republican party need not change for them. They will change for us. I have no doubt. No jobs, a crumbling economy, and threats from rogue nations that go unanswered making us look weak, will make them understand how silly and foolish their vote for Obama really was.

So now I can admit it. I was wrong about McCain. As Republicans we need to never again make the mistake of nominating someone who is not completely dedicated to Conservative ideals. No more giving the nomination to “the next in line.” We need STRONG Conservatives who passionately believe in our message of liberty, freedom, smaller government, greater personal responsibility, the sanctity of life, and lower taxes.

Let’s never forget that ever again.

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