Conservatives Bashing Bush

I didn’t expect conservatives at a conservative political get together to bash Bush, but that’s what’s happened in more than one venue. James Joyner of Outside the Beltway feels that in order to define the future, that the Republicans need to define the past. He noted that Clinton won by being a New Democrat.

Hearing some of the secondary speakers bash Bush is one thing. It did take me aback hearing Newt Gingrich take some slaps at President Bush for big spending. It’s true that George W. Bush did spend and approve budgets, sometimes, I think because he was hamstrung due to the need for war funding. And it’s true that he didn’t use his veto pen often enough. Still, I’m not sure that Republicans need to help Barack Obama by the non-stop criticism.

On the other hand, the Republican brand is so tarnished–mostly because they governed like big-spending Democrats–that running away from that Republican brand might be a good political idea. I wince a little when I hear President Bush’s name taken in vain.

Should Republicans distance themselves from President Bush?
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