Contest For Webmasters: Guess Who I Just Interviewed?

Contest For Webmasters: Guess Who I Just Interviewed?: After being inspired by Small Victory’s Pro-War Jingle Contest, I decided to do a contest of my own.

I just did two interviews today, one of them via email and one of them via phone. The first interview will be up Monday and the second will go up Tuesday. Any webmaster who can guess one of the two people I’ve interviewed will get a link Tuesday morning in the main section of RWN. That way, the winners should get the full benefit of the traffic coming in from both interviews. I’m taking a wild guess here, but I’d say it’s worth at least a couple hundred hits. The rules of this contest are as follows — no one who’ve already told the name of either interviewee is eligible. No porn, idiotarian websites, and pages I I consider annoying are ineligible. Last but not least, each webmaster only gets two guesses.

Here are few vague hints to get you started.

1) Neither of the people I interviewed run blogs.
2) Both of them have written more than one book.
3) One of them will be very well known and popular among warbloggers and let’s just say that other probably isn’t very popular with the gun control crowd right now although that isn’t his usual gig.

Webmasters post your guesses here in the comments section. The contest will be over at 8 PM EST on Sunday the 10th. Good luck…

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