Contest Winners

Contest Winners: I did a contest for webmasters on Friday. I asked them to guess the last two people I had interviewed. The answers were Victor Davis Hanson and Steven Milloy of Junk Science. Any webmaster who got one of my interviewees right, got a link on the main blog today. The winners were…

Kevin Holtsberry of Ideas, Inc & Tom Veal of Stromata. Do me a favor and give both their pages a look. I’d like to see both of them pick up at least a couple hundred hits.

The Steven Milloy interview is not going to be ready today. We did the interview by phone and unfortunately parts of it are fading out which is making it very difficult to transcribe. I’m should be to finish writing it up by tomorrow night and then I’ll either see if I can talk Mr. Milloy into a giving me a bit more info on certain subjects or I’ll go with what I have — if I have enough. The interview was VERY educational so I definitely want to get this out to RWN’s readers ASAP.

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