Convert To Islam Or Die

Convert To Islam Or Die: There are a lot of people out there who think we should try to appease men like Abu Bakar Bashir, the man some people believe planned the Bali massacre. There are also a lot of people who think we should sit around trying to figure out what we did to make men like Abu Bakar Bashir hate us.

Well when Abu Bakar Bashir was asked if he had anything to say to the families of the Bali bombing he said the following,

“My message to the families is please convert to Islam as soon as possible.”

What sympathy and compassion. Then Bashir went on to let the Aussies know that they better give in to terrorism or else…

“The second message is for Australia because you suffered the most: please advise your government not to follow the US policy because it will bring tragedy for your country.”

Bashir went on to explain who’s really responsible for the Bali bombing…

“I think the bomb was done by foreign intelligence, especially US intelligence. The indications are Americans and Jews did it to justify the claims that have been made so far that Indonesia is a terrorist haven. What they mean by terrorists is Muslims. “So to prove their theory they created the incident in Bali.”

Remember that “Americans and Jews” combo when you hear people telling you that if we just cut Israel loose these terrorists wouldn’t be targeting us. We’re both on their list. For those appeasers out there, Bashir gives you an indication of how we can placate the Islamo-Fascists who want to kill us all when he talks about the nightclub that was blown up…

“Such places will be banned if we have Islamic government. Although it doesn’t have to be destroyed, it must be prohibited because it corrupts the morals of society….The building can still be used for a mosque.”

Translation: They were in a nightclub so they got what they deserved. So everyone in the appeasement, why do they hate us, anti-war crowd take note of what it’s going to take to please the Islamo-Fascists. You better start pushing your representatives in Congress for legislation to get rid of everything that “corrupts the morals of society.” Ask them to ban nightclubs, music, and alcohol. Heck, the Taliban even banned TV. Then we’ll just have to convert to Islam and get down on our knees to offer our undying loyalty to people like Bashir and we’ll be safe…or…we can hunt down Bashir, and the other terrorists with his mentality, and we can try to kill them all. Pick your poison guys and gals because in the end that is exactly what it comes down to. I think you know which of those two options I prefer but some of the anti-war people out there better start really asking themselves how far they’re willing to go to avoid taking these people on.

***Update***: Abu Bakar Bashir has now been arrested in connection with the Bali terrorist attack.

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