Could Jimmy Carter Be More Annoying?

Could Jimmy Carter Be More Annoying?: When you consider that Jimmy Carter destroyed the US economy, crippled the military, had a disastrous foreign policy, and did such a generally lousy job that some people thought the US was going to lose its status as a super power, you’d think he’d be sparing in his advice to the current POTUS. After all, having Jimmy Carter give George W. Bush advice would be like having Andrea Yates running a seminar for new parents. In fact, I’ve gone so far as to call Carter a “reverse-barometer” on foreign policy. Whatever he recommends — do the opposite. And today’s comments from Carter are no exception.

To begin with, Jimmy had this to say about the United Nations…

“If there is (Iraqi) compliance, as judged by the U.N. Security Council, then I see no reason for armed conflict…The United Nations is the best place for nations to resolve the differences that always exist.”

Notice that Jimmy doesn’t actually care if Saddam is REALLY in compliance, it’s whether or not the U.N. Security Council judges that Iraq has complied. It doesn’t matter that we know Saddam is lying, that the inspectors have already found artillery shells tipped with mustard gas, or that an Iraqi Lt. General admits Iraq is on the, “verge of developing nuclear weapons.” No, according to Jimmy Carter, this will only be a moral war if we get a totalitarian Chinese regime and the French & Russians (who have huge financial incentives to keep Saddam in power) to agree with us. So, if say Jacques Chirac decides he’d rather have an anti-American, terrorist friendly regime that may soon have nuclear weapons in power in Iraq so French businessmen will profit, oh well, Carter thinks the US should step aside since we couldn’t get the entire UN Security Council to agree with us. Do you see why I call Carter a “reverse-barometer?”

Then Carter decides to do a little Israel bashing. Pay special attention to the words I placed in bold…

One of the key factors that arouses intense feelings of animosity in the world is the festering problem in the Holy Land, the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and the inability of Israel to live in peace with its neighbors.

“I think this is the single most disturbing element in animosities and misunderstandings and hatred and even violence in the world.

“I think that is an exacerbating factor in dividing people, not only in the West Bank, Gaza and Israel, but also throughout the world.”

Israel’s “inability…to live in peace with its neighbors?!?!?” Well I’m sure it is remarkably hard to be at peace with nations that have wanted nothing more for the last half century than to wipe your country off the face of the Earth. I suppose that by Carter’s standards the Jews in WW2 Germany had an “ live in peace with…their neighbors” as well. If only the Israelis would convert to Islam or better yet, just commit mass suicide, then I’m sure all their neighbors would like them just fine. Is this what Carter has in mind? Of course not, because Carter is hopelessly naive and he thinks there is a reasonable, peace-loving pacifist inside of every power hungry, anti-Semitic dictator that’s just waiting to get out. But that sort of peacenik pipe dream is not, never has been, and never will be reality. But don’t try to explain that to our Nobel Peace Prize winning ex-President because he’ll never be able to grasp the obvious. That was a big part of why he was such a wretched President and why he’s still so annoying today…

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