Daily Kos Sees America as a Woman

The left-wingers on FARK are just giddy over the creative-writing genius of bernardpliers at Daily Kos, who came up with the idea of envisioning the Republican party as a deranged ex-boyfriend of a woman who was America. Said FARK libs found this so uplifting, they celebrated in one of the few ways they know how…they got in a silly fight about it (some twenty or so comments submitted between 10:03:08 and 11:11:09 EDT).

As a side note, someone else did the “America as a woman” thing first, and better. Just sayin’.

Obama DeficitAfter all this interest throughout last year about what exactly it is liberals think of America, I see this little treatise offers a rather clear, concise answer in the form of this hypothetical and fickle female. She must be terribly naive, perhaps young…perhaps exceptionally stupid. Let’s see, she gave the Republicans the old heave-ho because they were going through her purse, is that one of the complaints? So now the new boyfriend is pulling hundred dollar bills out, whereas the old one was lifting twenties and tens. That’s alright — oh, and the new boyfriend sweet-talked her into going on a vacation because it would help “stimulate” her, and it turned out what he put on her credit card was just a bunch of expensive gifts to his illegal-alien buddies.
Another interesting angle to this is the idea that America is finally finished, once and for all, for good, finito, with that no-good whacked-out crazy crackadoodle latent homosexual of an ex-boyfriend. Wow…so it seems liberals are not too fond of homosexuals either. One wonders if they have more issues with Republicans for being closet homosexuals, or with homosexuals for being closet Republicans. This must be that liberal tolerance I hear so much about. But anyway — is she done with that ex-boyfriend in all aspects? As in, while she sails around the world with her sexy smooth-talking melanin-gifted dude and her old pantywaist ex stews in his white-boy latent-homosexual racist venom…keeping his distance because of that soon-to-be-filed “restraining order”…he can cancel that credit card she’s carrying around? She doesn’t need his money anymore?

So far, it doesn’t look like America is quite that “done” with him.

Okay, so in liberal-eyes the country is a gold-digging b*tch, in addition to everything else.

And a little bit of a bore. As DarthBrooks said:

It’s more like the woman at your office who got a divorce last year and just keeps droning ON and ON and ON about what her ex-husband is doing somewhere else and wasn’t he just plain awful and wait don’t go I have to tell you what else I didn’t like about him…

Liberals don’t seem to be conscious of how silly they are made to look, by this argument of theirs that the conservative movement is now just a relic of history, like the silver-standard movement. We’ve said before, many times, that if an argument is weak enough the worst thing you can do to it is take it seriously. This argument, once taken seriously, not only makes itself look ridiculous, but those who keep pushing it, as well. Lessee: They were elected on this platform of “change,” and now my gosh there is all this terrible wreckage to be cleaned up, a big mess made by those stupid other-guys. But — nobody’s grabbing a mop! Darth Brooks nailed it: It’s just “Here’s something else wrong with him…and here’s another thing…and another thing…and another thing.”

Usually, in that situation, it’s the bitter divorced-woman who wants to go on and on like that. “Wait don’t go I have to tell you what else I didn’t like about him…” If there’s a new boyfriend in the picture, his preference is that the topic be changed to something else. What we’re seeing right now is a situation in which America isn’t in that big of a hurry to get into a b*tch-pitch about what a terrible awful latent-homosexual the old boyfriend was — she’d rather see the new boyfriend get busy cleaning up the mess, like he said he was going to do. But it’s the new boyfriend that keeps it up with the whining. And doesn’t seem to have an awful lot of anything else to say.

Other than, y’know, “Honey…where’s your purse?”

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