Daily News For April 4, 2006


Tom DeLay Says He Will Leave Congress And Not Seek Reelection

Capitol Police Ask For Arrest Warrant For McKinney

Rep. Cynthia Mckinney Admits That She Broke Government Rules By Spending Money To Fly Isaac Hayes To Atlanta

Moussaoui Jurors Reach Verdict

Call Your Senator Today And Tell Them You Don’t Want Illegal Aliens To Be Allowed To Remain In The United States

Grieving Father Supports Minuteman Effort

The U.S. Capitol Was Evacuated Shortly After Noon Monday After The Building Briefly Lost Power

White House Shake-Up To Continue? Sources: Press Spokesman, Treasury Chief May Be Next


Hans Blix Claims Iran Years Away From Nuclear Bomb (How Would He Know?)

Canada Scraps Plans to Legalize Marijuana

The Grand Mufti Of Egypt Issued A Fatwa Forbidding The Display Of Statues

A Gang Of Young Muslims Wielding Iron Rods Has Forced A Paris Cafe To Censor An Exhibition Of Cartoons Ridiculing Religion


Glenn Reynolds: Immigration And Anger

National Review: Migrant Politics

Herbert Meyer: Why Americans Hate This ‘Immigration’ Debate

Matthew Parris: Punish, O Lord, Those Of Us Who, Through Our Own Fault, Are Ungreen

Thomas Sowell: Are Facts Obsolete


Tancredo Leads GOP Presidential Poll. Borders Critic Reaches Final In ‘March Madness’ Survey

New Navy Ship Being Built With WTC Steel

Study: Go To Church, Live 3.1 Years Longer

Armageddon Has Arrived: Paris Hilton May Play Mother Theresa!

Website Of The Day: California Conservative

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