Daily News For February 15, 2006


Two Killed In Pakistan Cartoon Protests

Italian Minister Puts Mohammad Cartoon On T-Shirts

More Abu Ghraib Photos (Isn’t It Ironic That These Will Be Shown By The Same Media Outlets That Won’t Show The Danish Cartoons?)

US Says “No Plot” For Hamas Ouster

A-Zahar Rejects ‘Satanic’ US Aid (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

Iran Claims It Has Not Started Enrichment Centrifuges

Muslim Institute Dares Iranian Leader To Visit Auschwitz

Welfare State Is Too Generous For Most Swiss


Hunter Shot By Cheney Has Minor Heart Attack. David Blanchard, Chief Of Emergency Care, “He’s Not Had A Heart Attack In The Traditional Sense”

Cheney Cleared In Hunting Accident

Cheney Calls His Friend In The Hospital

Scalia: Non-Originalists Are ‘Idiots’

Washington Post Reporter Dana Milbank Dresses Up In Goofy Looking Hunter Gear To Talk About Cheney On MSNBC (With Pic)

Students Reject Honor To ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ Hero. Member Of Marines Not ‘Sort Of Person University Of Washington Wanted To Produce’

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Joseph Tartakovsky: Islamic Chauvinism And The Mohammed Cartoons

Victor Davis Hanson: What Will Europe Really Do?

Dennis Prager: American News Media: Little Courage And Little Honesty

Thomas Sowell: Two Crises

The Wall Street Journal: Making Uncle Sam the Donald Trump of New Orleans

Investor’s Business Daily: The Shame Of Al Gore


Woman Helps Nab An Amateur Terrorist

Ray Gun Headed for Iraq Battlefield

Robots Are Saving American Lives In Iraq And Afghanistan

87% Of Canadian College Students Have Had Cybersex

Man Attempts Suicide By Crucifixion

The Key To Making Garfield Funny: Removing All His Dialogue (Some Bad Language)

Humor: David Letterman’s Top Ten Dick Cheney Excuses

Website Of The Day: Laura Ingraham’s Iraq Journal

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