Daily News For November 8, 2006


Democrats Capture House; Senate Still Up for Grabs — But Leaning Towards A Democratic Take Over

Allen, Webb Headed for Va. Recount

1st Lady Speaker To Clean House. Pelosi Will Be 2nd In Line Of Presidential Succession

Arizona Approves English As An Official Language

South Dakotans Reject Tough Abortion Ban

Voters Keep Choosing To Protect Traditional Marriage. New Definitions Added In 7 States, 1 Vote Total Incomplete

Michigan Votes Affirmative Action Ban

Minnesota Sends First Muslim To Congress

Voting Complaints In 18 States. Problems With Electronics, Bomb Threat, Assault, Rage Against The Machine


Pence Eyes Minority Leader Race; Shadegg Could Enter Whip Contest

Accuser In Duke Lacrosse Case Wanted Money, Co-Worker Says

“Absolutely True:” Rather Continues To Defend 60 Minutes TANG Story

Dean Baquet Was Forced To Resign As Editor Of The Los Angeles Times At The Request Of The Publisher After He Refused To Agree To Further Cuts Of His Editorial Staff


Karaoke Bar Bombs Wound Five In Thailand

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah: “When We Were Young, I cannot Forget the Sight of American Forces leaving Vietnam, and the Americans Abandoning their Vietnamese Allies, I Anticipate the Same for our Region.”


A NRO Symposium: What Happened?

John Stossel: Property Theft in America

Dennis Prager: Is A Gay Who Opposes Same-Sex Marriage A Hypocrite?

Michael Medved: Uncomfortable lessons from a disastrous night


Britney Spears Files for Divorce

Bill Gates Says West Not Supplying Enough IT Talent

Video: If Michael Moore Did A Movie About Pearl Harbor

Website Of The Day: Townhall Blog

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