David Frum on Rush Limbaugh: “Say It Louder Conservativism”–UPDATED

How about “say it snobbier pseudo-conservativism but really liberal elitism”? (UPDATED ALREADY: This clip is two minutes long and illustrates pithily what is wrong with the so-called moderates. And John says that 90% of you peeps won’t watch the video. Is that true? Will you sit there look at the wee video clip and decide not to watch it, therefore I need to do a transcript of the salient points so you don’t have to push a button or have noise at work?)


Money quotes from David Frum:

“The Suburban voter who should be a bedrock Republican voter, these voters see a Democratic party that is no longer a threat to their money, but a Republican party that is a threat to their values.”

He says this about how conservatives make decisions: “As long as you don’t kill babies, anyone can run the U.S. government.”

“On our side of the aisle, we have a big problem. We have a party that is not serious about government.”
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