Democrat Debt Is Morally Superior To Republican Debt

Remember this touching advertisement, now new and improved by Redstate?

Remember when the deficit caused Democrats heartburn? They even had the nerve to act concerned while they controlled Congress for the last two years of Bush’s administration and increased spending themselves.

Now, Barack Obama enslaves his kids’ generation with multiple trillions in debt and the Left is silent. Wait, no they’re not silent. They’re vociferous about supporting the President, giving his (vague) plans room to work, etc.

Libs have come to my site and passionately talked about President Obama having to “undo the mess that Bush made”. Specifically, they’re talking about “stupid wars” and “irresponsible spending” and assaults on “justice” (Guantanamo). And now, President Obama is increasing the presence in Afghanistan, not closing Guantanamo, and spending money like he’s actually earned it. (He’s also taxing the poor.)

Hope! Change!

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