Democrats Cancel Patriotic Music

My friends across the aisle always tell me that Democrats love America and are as patriotic as anyone on the right. Unfortunately for them, it is hard to believe that their party is on the same all-American page as the rank and file especially since Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat controlled House of Representatives tried to get rid of the patriotic music that is traditionally played on the House telephone “on hold” system.

House Chief Administrative Officer Daniel Beard decided to rid the world of John Phillip Sousa, God Bless America, the Star Spangled Banner, and any other sort of patriotic tunes played while callers to the House of Representative’s switchboard are on hold. Instead of the traditional patriotic music, Beard thought “smooth jazz” was better.

Then came the complaints. And right after that came the backpeddling.

Beard claimed that the excision of patriotism from the on hold system was only a “pilot program” and that it was deemed that the patriotic music was better. And, so, the patriotic music was taken off hold and, well, put back on hold, so to speak.

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But this is really a perfect example of how Democrats hate America, in truth. After all, what patriotic American would have the first thought to remove patriotic music from our government’s phone system? Worse, what citizen would try to do it without vetting?

But this is what Democrats did. They thought so little of our patriotic American music that they summarily canceled it and replaced it. Out with that boring, hackneyed “patriotism” and in was smooth jazz.

Democrats love America? Democrats are patriotic?

Sorry, but that claim is really, really hard to believe.

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