Democrats show their true colors at town halls

It’s been great fun watching the Democrats’ Marie Antoinettes host town hall meetings on health care. First, Arlen Specter claimed that meeting with his constituents isn’t his job, snapping at a hostile crowd in Pennsylvania, “I don’t have any requirement to be here.” Really? Really? Meeting with the people you supposedly represent isn’t a job requirement?

This is what happens when career politicians start believing that their jobs consist of playing golf and going to DC cocktail hours.

But the best example of liberals’ “Let Them Eat Cake” attitude toward their own voters came from Sheila Jackson Lee, who took a cell phone call in the middle of a question from a cancer survivor:

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What a jerk.

These people don’t give about representing the people. They want a government takeover of health care and they’re going to do it, regardless of what their constituents want.

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