Democrats Sponsor the DRINK Act

America needs to come together in this time of mean-spirited, backroom organizing. Yes, in this age of never before seen racism, in this age of the Nazi-like machinations of the un-American protester, we need to come together in a spirit of healthy debate where only the good is heard.

Our national ruler, The One, Barack Hussein Obama, the bringer of togetherness, the whumper of myths, the champion of the people over the powerful, has graciously come before us numerous times to plead for the light to be shown upon the evilness of Republicanism. And he is good.

So, in the spirit of our ruler, we the Democratic Party of the United States, have designed a new program to bring America into a new era. It is called the DRINK act.

Please, help us pass the Democratic Renewal by Ingesting Nutritious Koolaide act by contacting your regional controllers and “representatives” and let them know that you are 100% for the Koolaide!

President Obama has generously allocated $20 billion borrowed from his friends in China to distribute the government approved Koolaide packets so that all Americans* might come to see the light. The red, cherry flavored hallucinogen is FDA approved and good for Mom, the kids and grandma.

Once Americans ingest their government approved soft drink, all their cares will melt away. They will no longer be all upset by Republican lies about over spending, taxes, and government “tyranny.” There will be no worries any more. The people will find that everything is wonderful for the first time ever and will be content that the Democratic Party is there to support them.

Remember to tell your Congressmen that YOU want to DRINK the Koolaide!

*The Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches of government are exempt from the requirement to ingest any substance recommended to the people. State officials may determine that state employees are not eligible for this program. Military personnel are not exempted from the DRINK act, however, and will be injected with a concentrated substance upon passage of the DRINK act.

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