Democrats: They’re coming for your kids.

Yeah, I’m sure you assume the title of this post is hyperbolic. But before you jump to conclusions, read this article from the latest issue of Time: “Summer School: What? No More Vacations?” If Obama’s new Education Secretary has his way, your kids will be in government schools eight hours a day, twelve months a year.

As you can gather from this article, the Democrats will probably portray this as yet another altruistic “Save the Children” plan–as well as a taxpayer-funded babysitting service for low-income mothers. They’ll raise the pointless factoid that summer vacations are an outdated product of America’s farming culture.

Don’t be fooled. There are two reasons why the Democrats want your kids to spend more time in public schools. First, it comports with their ideology that “the village” (aka government) should be raising children, rather than their own parents. Second, Democrats want to create more jobs for their laziest and greediest constituency: the teachers’ unions.

In her book Feminist Fantasies, the always-brilliant Phyllis Schlafly explained a similar plan proposed by Democrats, which proposed government-funded daycare and public schooling for all children beginning at age three (!). Its proponents explained that “Day care is a powerful institution. A day care program ministers to a child from six months to six years of age has over 8,000 hours to teach him values, fears, beliefs, and behaviors.”

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As Schlafly explains, “So there are two reasons powerful forces want to push little children into government institutions at the age of three and make the government a ‘partner’ in raising children: (a) to mold ‘values, fears, beliefs, and behaviors,’ and (b) to find jobs for unemployed teachers.”

No wonder liberals want to make homeschooling illegal. They want it to be against the law for parents, not government bureaucrats and teachers’ unions, to be childrens’ authority figures.

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