Dick Cheney Is ‘The Godfather’

Since Dick Cheney accidentally peppered his pal, shot his sidekick, and blasted his buddy, I think we all knew the moment would come when some wacko Democrat would go way over the edge and accuse him attempted murder for nefarious purposes….oh, you didn’t know that was coming? Don’t you realize how kooky these people are? Geeze….

Anyway, the columnists in question is one Barry Saunders, a staff writer for the Raleigh News and Observer. Granted, he’s not exactly a household name. In fact, I live in North Carolina and I’ve never even heard of him.

But, the fact that he wrote this column and handed it to an editor of a newspaper who, instead of quite properly yelling “Are you out of your mind Barry? Do you think we’ll humiliate this paper by publishing your lunacy! Get out! Get everything in your desk and get out!”, decided to publish it, says a lot.

Here’s the Barry Saunders take on bird shot gate:

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“Accident my eye. Or rather, Harry Whittington’s eye.

If you believe it was just an accident that Vice President Dick Cheney shot his hunting companion last weekend, you obviously have never seen “The Godfather” movies.

Just as surely as a fish wrapped in a bulletproof vest means “Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes,” that shotgun blast to Whittington’s face was meant to convey that I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby had better bite his tongue and forget about testifying against Cheney, his former boss, in the Valerie Plame spy case.

What’ll it be, Scooter: a case of amnesia or lead poisoning?

The woman who owns the ranch on which the shooting occurred said Whittington shot a bird, went to retrieve it and then snuck up on Cheney.

The vice president, she said, was shooting at a covey of quail when he hit the tall, orange-vest-wearing lawyer. Oy.

Libby, Cheney’s former chief of staff, recently told a grand jury that leaking Plame’s identity as a spy was authorized by his superiors (Hawkins’ note: this is quite simply wrong, but what does a paper publishing this kind of nutso speculation as fact care about being accurate?) who were angered by Plame’s husband’s public criticism of the war in Iraq.

That revelation had many questioning how low this administration would go to quash dissent.

Now we know.

A vice president who’ll shoot an ally to get across his message of omerta — that’s mobspeak for “hush up” — may be considered a national disgrace by some.”

Next week from Barry Saunders: Look for Barry’s hot new column that explains how Bush popping Barney on the butt for using the bathroom in the White House is really a threat to nuke North Korea. That’ll be one column you won’t want to miss!

Hat tip to WorldNetDaily for the story.

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