Did No One Ever Teach Barack Obama To Wash His Hands?

Seldom do I get to say nice things about Barack Obama, so when he does something right, it’s fantastic to be able to give the man the credit he deserves.

Yesterday, Barack Obama pulled off what is easily the greatest achievement of his presidency so far without spending a single taxpayer dollar. In a display of skill that he probably picked up during his childhood in Indonesia, he managed to swat a fly with his own hand,

The interviewer responds with a “nice” and “that was very good.” Obama asks Robert Gibbs what he thinks about it. He suggests the cameraman film it. He even says, “That was pretty impressive, wasn’t it?”

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It may seem like a lot of hullabaloo to go through over a fly, but when you have the sort of ego that Barack Obama does, you can never hear enough praise.

Now personally, I’m a little surprised that he didn’t somehow manage to swat the fly with a 2 million dollar fly swatter of some sort, which would be more typical of the way he does things, so even I have to give him a few extra props.

Also, hate to point this out, but ah, he sort of wiped his hand off on his pants, although the cameraman quickly jerks the camera up to try to keep people from watching the gross show. Did no one ever teach the President to wash his hands? It’s a small thing, but still — Blech!

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