Disgraceful Discrimination Against Pro-Life Christians At Spokane Falls Community College

This sort of overt, unapologetic discrimination towards Christian conservatives on college campuses is infuriating, not only because it’s occurring, but because so many Christians and conservatives just shrug their shoulders and let is pass,

Spokane Falls Community College Claims Pro-life Speech Against Washington Law

Not to be believed, but yes, SFCC “threatened Beth Sheeran and members of a Christian student group with disciplinary measures, including expulsion, if they chose to hold a pro-life event on campus to share information with other students because the message was ‘discriminatory’ and did not include a pro-abortion viewpoint.” They were also told it was against Washington law.

Read the whole story from the ADF who is representing the students in their law suit against SFCC.

…But here’s another whopper, “Defendant McKenzie (Director of Student Funded Programs at the College) also told SFCF’s (Spokane Falls Christian Fellowship) president that Washington is a “pro-choice” state, so SFCF could not use state money for “non-pro-choice” speech events.

And it gets worse, Ms. Kurtz, a professor of English at the College and SFCF faculty advisor, told Ms. Sheeran and SFCF members that the pro-life event violated state law according to Wash. Admin. Code ÂÂ:§ 132Q-30-242. (Verified Complaint of Plaintiff: pp 10-11 (PDF)) She capped that information off with a lovely, “You don’t want to be expelled, do you?”

How did this woman get selected as faculty advisor to a pro-life group?!

First of all, let me say thank you to the Center for Academic Freedom for suing Spokane Falls Community College over this.

But, my question is: where is everybody else? Christian, conservative, and pro-life donors to the school should be calling them and declaring that they’ll never see another dime unless this is corrected. Parents should be threatening to pull their kids from the school. Spokane Falls Community College is a public school: so why don’t we have Republican state legislators working to cut off their public funds over this? I’d even like to see Christian groups picketing the school and demanding that they stop their anti-Christian bigotry.

It’s not enough to simply complain that schools are too liberal — we need to do something about it. They may not care what conservatives think, but they do care about money and bad publicity. So, either they stop with the liberal propaganda on campus or we hit ’em where it hurts until they can’t take it anymore and give in.

Colleges in this country can no longer be allowed to act as propaganda wings for the left. If they want to hire terrorists as professors, teach the kids that America is a lousy country, and indoctrinate these college students with left-wing propaganda, let’s make sure they do it without one dime of taxpayer money and let’s also make sure every parent in America knows about it so they can avoid these schools.

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