Distress For Middle Of The Road Voters

Most people pay little attention to politics and vote as a civic duty for the guy they relate to most. They dislike politics generally, but feel it is a necessary evil.

There is something that concerns me a bit. On the Right, Republicans are going after Barack Obama and he’s still personally popular even if his policies are unpopular. On the Left, Democrats are demonizing the American people who disagree.

Where is a fair-minded middle of the road voter to turn? Michael Turk, on Twitter says:

The trouble with the DNC ad (http://bit.ly/3DECAg) is “the mob” looks like middle America. Unlike this Seattle scene: http://bit.ly/31H0F

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The Dems seem to hate anyone who disagrees. Ironically, the people they’re demonizing voted them into office and feel betrayed by a bigger government–they didn’t like that part of George W. Bush. Democrats are squandering good will.

Republicans need to be careful, too. The party’s big government ways, their increased spending and loyalty to fat cat lobbyists rather than listening to the American people got them out of office and brought America Barack Obama.

Generally, it seems that the DC insiders are against the American people. They are against anyone who disagrees that the government might not have the answers.

There is an infection in Washington, D.C. And the disease creates a state where the elected leaders turn around and have scorn for their constituents.

It is distressing for common people to be pulled two ways. They are being told they’re stupid two ways: The Democrats tell them they’re stupid for disliking the President’s policies. The Republicans tell them they’re stupid for liking the President.

The first national politician who shows respect for the American people will receive huge support. People thought that President Obama was that man. He is turning out to be like other D.C. insiders–angry that the American people have the nerve to have a say.

Democracy is not better for this disillusionment.

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