Does John Ashcroft’s ‘Camp Plan’ Actually Exist?

Does John Ashcroft’s ‘Camp Plan’ Actually Exist?: Did you know that John Ashcroft has announced that he intends to put “U.S. citizens he deems to be enemy combatants” into camps? Well best selling author Michael Moore has heard about it and it reminds him of the Nazi concentration camps…

“Meanwhile, Attorney General John Ashcroft proposed camps–and not the kind where you make ‘Smores over a campfire–for US citizens who he deems enemy combatants. Detainees at these concentrated camps would be stripped of their Constitutional rights. With only two “enemy combatants” so far, we’ll have to find some more soon to make it a really good, fun camp. All hail the mutterland!” (Cont)

(**Special Thanks to Justin Sodano from the Weigh-In for helping me get access to a story I needed for this one.**)

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