Does The Left Really Believe In The UN?

Does The Left Really Believe In The UN?: It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of the UN. In fact, I’ll be the first one to tell you that I don’t think that there is anything unethical about ignoring the UN’s decisions . However, there are plenty of people on the left who’ll tell you that it’s critically important that we have the UN’s approval to invade Iraq. These people will even tell you that it’s immoral, that’s right — immoral for us to use military forces against Iraq without UN approval.

Well, I ran across an interesting question on that wildly popular bastion of the left, the Democratic Underground, that may allow us to see how sincere the left is about the UN’s moral authority. Here it is…

David__77: “With UN approval, would you support military action? There is currently a divide among critics of the Bush war drive. Some remain opposed to military action against Iraq, regardless of what UN inspectors say, or what resolution is or is not passed by the UN Security Council. Others, including the leaders of Germany and France, have stated that war is the last, least desirable option, but an option nonetheless, presumably if “circumstances change.”

If Hans Blix gave up on the possibility of progress via inspections, and the UN Security Council were to pass a resolution approving forceful, military measures, would you support such action, perhaps support it, or definitely oppose it? This is a valid question, especially if the momentum of the anti-war movement is not to be side-tracked by diplomatic or other setbacks.”

Now I’ll tell you that I approve of going through the UN if I think it’s to our advantage, but I have no qualms about undercutting the UN or going our own way. So here’s my question, “Do the people on the left who claim that going through the UN is essential actually feel the same way that I do? Do they demand that we go through the UN just because it suits their purposes (because the UN is often at odds with the US) or because they really believe that UN decisions are principled?

If these lefties at the Democratic Underground REALLY believe in the UN, wouldn’t you think that they’d say that we SHOULD invade Iraq if the UN approves? Well, I combed the 60 posts that were in the thread at the time I wrote this post and here’s the breakdown of the answers w/ indeterminate votes and double posts not counted…

Yes, I would support military action against Iraq with UN approval: 6
No, I do not support action in Iraq even if the UN approves: 35

Well, well, well…it looks as if both Liberals and Conservatives only believe in using the UN when it’s convenient…but at least we Conservatives are honest about it.

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