Domestic Eco-Terrorist: Third Domestic Terrorist On FBI List, Not First–UPDATED

CORRECTION: Turns out that there are now two FBI most wanted lists one for regular baddies and one for terrorists. The lists got split. So technically, this is the first domestic terrorist. Strangely, Osama Bin Laden makes both lists. Why?

The point about this leftist crazy on the list is a diversion, stands.

Facts are such a distraction to this administration. And pesky. Just to set the record straight, folks. The doofus who bombed buildings in San Francisco for doing scientific testing on animals is NOT the first domestic guy to ever make the FBI terrorist watch list. He’s at least the third.

Confederate Yankee says:

I have to ask–by what standard is San Diego the first domestic terrorist added to the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list?

Ted Kaczynski was a high-profile left-wing domestic terrorist that went on a 17-year bombing spree that put him on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list as the Unabomber.

Eric Robert Rudolph was on the “Most Wanted” list as a right wing domestic terrorist when he was captured in 2003.

Those are just the first two domestic terrorists that were on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list that immediately come to my mind; I strongly suspect there were others.

If I didn’t know better, I might suspect that the addition of an obscure left-wing terrorist who planted two bombs that caused no injuries and only minor property damage to “Most Wanted” list was a political calculation, perhaps made specifically to help take the heat off a DHS Secretary under fire for supporting the release of a controversial report that labeled mainstream conservative values as those belonging to extremists, and who more or less stated military veterans were too stupid to keep from being duped into joining extremist groups.

No way! I was thinking the same silly thought! Imagine–the government trying to deflect attention from their bias’ and real focus. They would never, ever, ever do that. Not. Ever.

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