Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Know

How big of a deal is it that there are gay people serving in the military? From Repurblican:

There are Americans of many stars and stripes that are in our Armed Forces, and among the many things President-elect Obama could do to really attack our Services — such as characterizing military operations in Afghanistan as “air-raiding villages”, promising to cut tens of billions from defense spending potentially totaling up to 25% of its current budget, etc. — the extinguishment of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”, in my book, ranks low on the list of possible slights.

Anything that interferes with military effectiveness shouldn’t be encouraged, in my opinion. For example, I don’t find it problematic that women are in the service. However, if they can’t carry a load or slow down their brothers-in-arms, that’s a problem. Political correctness should NOT have any place in the military. Lives are at stake and lives depend on trust, reliability and ability to do the job.

I have a feeling that there are going to be many things to fight with Barack Obama about when it comes to the military. I’m just not sure if Republicans should make removing the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy one of them.

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