Don’t Mess With Veterans And Keep Your Political Correctness To Yourself

Don’t Mess With Veterans And Keep Your Political Correctness To Yourself: On Monday, I wrote about how, “the city of San Pedro and Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn (were) blocking the showing of the film “Tora, Tora, Tora” on Pearl Harbor Day because it “would have been insensitive to the Japanese-American community.”

Hahn in particular was tossing out politically correct nonsense like it was going out of style. Here’s a perfect example…

“I wanted to be very sensitive to the Japanese-American community,” Hahn said. “Dec. 7 is a tough day, especially for the second and third generations of Japanese-Americans. Why do we want to do something that makes it more difficult?”

Well a lot of people wrote about this and a gaggle of radio talkshow hosts have apparently weighed in as well and Hahn is backing off at about a hundred miles hour. Just look at these quotes from Hahn in an article in today’s LA Daily News

“I am very upset,” said Councilwoman Hahn, who now says veterans were mistreated by officials from the Warner Grande. “We found it wasn’t booked.

“This group, in my opinion, was treated unfairly by a city employee of a city facility … I think there needs to be some disciplinary action, to send a message to all city employees: We cannot treat different groups differently.”

Suddenly we now have, “Councilwoman Hahn, champion of veterans who have been mistreated by government!” It wouldn’t surprise me if she showed up at the show on Pearl Harbor day just to show those, “political correct government bureaucrats that they can’t push veterans around when Janice Hahn is on the case” (yes, the city caved and is the show is on).

When it was all said and done, political correctness lost, veterans won, the American public showed they still cared, and the politicians involved were willing to weasel dance like their lives depended on it rather than get on the wrong side of the voters. In case there was ever any doubt, this story proves that not only can “you fight city hall,” you can beat them in a knock-out if you’re in the right and you can get your story out there.

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