Doubting My Right Faith

As a biracial young Republican, I know scrutiny very well. I believe in a limited government, reasonable regulations, and moral mandates that would serve the greatest number.

We have a problem. A big problem.

I’m on the record as being a long time supporter of the nominee. I publicly endorsed him on my blog before he was carrying his own bags and have stood by donating time, funds, and any credibility that I carry since. I stood against most “Conservatives” who impressed the untested Mitt Romney on me as our Party’s Savior. I told my friends, “just you watch.” I believed in the Maverick.

The bailout vote crushed my confidence.

Senator McCain was not the only Conservative who voted for the passage of historic government intervention.

Yet, I still believe that McCain’s presidency will usher in a new age of government reduction and fiscal responsibility. The difference between pre-bailout and now is: I’m entirely relying on faith.

I want friends to be fair about this though, McCain is not the problem. Our Party is ineffective. The leaders in the House, the Senate, and even friends at the Republican National Committee do not share our burdens.

Where is the fiscal responsibility? Where is bridge to minorities? Where is earmark reform? Why are we not taking advantage of the three states, one of those being Colorado, that have abortion-related initiatives on their ballots? Where are the real surrogates? Why do supporters have to beg for signs, materials, and come out of pocket to rally the grassroots?

My friends, the Party is reaping what it sowed.

Republicans, like myself, cannot be blamed alone. Conservatives are making headlines and patting themselves on the back by screaming, “the Party has left us! the Party has left us!”

Conservatives have not effectively articulated our message of lower taxes, smaller government, and a strong consistent foreign policy. We rant and rave, but have yet to reach out to independents, minority communities, and moderates.

It wasn’t until July or August when you saw Rush Limbaugh tone it down and realize that the far-right or the dedicated partisans were not going to win this election by simply flexing our muscles.

Let’s get back to the basics. Our policies don’t have to be longer, more detailed, or cater to this and that group. Our idea lays solely in personal responsibility. We find rest in the idea that the individual can empower him or herself. Government should not always have an answer.

Republicans and Conservatives, with a little help from the mainstream media, have turned this from a strategic election in which we could have easily seen a Republican President and a reduction in the size of government to an election that stands maybe 40% in our favor and only then on a national level.

This isn’t just a “tough year,” and should we lose let’s punish ourselves and hold leaders accountable.

Where’s our Party? More importantly, where’s our movement?

We begin the discussion now. Come win, lose, or a draw stolen by ACORN and Speaker Nancy Pelosi – let’s rebuild.

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