DUmmie Plan to Censor Fox News

The scariest part of the movie Bride of Re-Animator was when the marauding zombies learned to use tools. A similar development is taking place at Democratic Underground, where the mouth-breathing moonbats have hatched a scheme to use modern technology to make Fox News shut up:

I just ordered a TV-B-Gone, for FOX News quarantine enforcement.

You can get your own here…


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It’s a simple device, which looks sort of like a car’s keyless entry remote, with a single button that causes it to emit the infrared “Power off” codes for every brand and model of TV it knows about, which is to say about 95%+ of TVs in existence.

Yeah, it’s time to get aggressive when it comes to people playing FOX News in businesses, doctor’s offices and other public places.

Wouldn’t it be more effective if moonbats had their messiah turn off FNC at the source? That way, no one would be allowed to watch anything but Obama worship anywhere. But then, closing down Fox Hugo Chavez style could take time. At the rate America is being transformed into Venezuela, Fox might still be around for a year or more.

To be kept out of the hands of moonbats.

Hat tip: DUmmieFUnnies, on a tip from Cheetah. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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