Ecomoonbattery Shopping Bonanza

They say environmentalists are green on the outside, communist red on the inside. But even the most Marxist of moonbats like to make a buck. Check out some of the latest products to exploit the increasingly risible environmental craze.

The solar power boat:


Just make sure to bring an oar in case the clouds come out.

Solar power sunglasses:


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Who would have thought that being an eco-geek could look so chic?

Recycled bottle chandelier:


Don’t throw your garbage away — hang it from the ceiling! $72, empty water bottles not included. Get one now before bottled water is banned.

Hand-crank washing machine:


Whoops, wrong picture. That one’s from a museum in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Here’s the spanking new product of 120 years of progress:


Just try not to exhale too much CO2 while you’re cranking the handle, and don’t use contraband detergent.

Discarded newspaper umbrella hat:


No need to carry an umbrella — if it starts to rain, just snatch a bit of newspaper out of the gutter and stick it on your head with the Eco Brolly. If the paper happens to be covered in dog poop, not to worry, the rain will wash it off.

At least we’re leaving more to future generations than eroded liberty and massive debt. They’ll be digging through the Age of Obama for satire material for the next hundred years.

On tips from Air2air. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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