Ed Morrissey Swings the
Fearsome Troll-Hammer of Doom

Nothing bothers me quite as much as a troll. It is one thing to argue about politics. It is something else — something evil — to hijack somebody’s bandwidth and use it dishonestly to attack them, their friends and everything they believe in.

Wednesday, I posted an essay at the Hot Air Green Room, which prompted “Lizza” to comment:

There are probably fifty identical articles and posts like this from Free Republic to Red State to Malkin, etc.. etc.. . . .
It is conservatives who fundamentally believe that ordinary Americans are stupid. And that is why you attach yourselves to idiots like “joe the plumber”. All you’re saying saying is “Hey! We’re dumb too!” and you want to be invited to the party.
The conservative movement has become kneejerk anti-intellectual and anti-rational. If you show any sign of human intelligence you are immediately branded an “ELITIST LIVING IN HIS IVORY TOWER”.

So I smiled when I saw this comment from Thursday morning:

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Lizza got herself banned, in the Pawlenty thread.
She dropped the N-bomb, so Ed hammered her.

It’s classic: Liberal who believes that conservatives are stupid discovers (the hard way) that she reckoned wrong. Gaining comment permission at Hot Air is not easy, as there are only certain times when registration is open. So for a liberal to gain commenting permission, and then to lose it because she can’t repress her inner Michael Moore, is an act of spectacular stupidity.

Conservatives can look at Lizza’s comment and easily figure out what the “tell” is. Just don’t clue the liberals who are too stupid to know better.

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