Election Theft, Inc.

Election Theft, Inc.: The Democrats tried to steal the Presidency in 2000 with the help of the left-wing Florida State Supreme Court. This year, the activist State Supreme Court of New Jersey came to the Democrats aid by ignoring New Jersey’s election laws in order to allow Frank Lautenberg to replace Robert Torricelli.

Now the Democrats have finally caught on to the fact that partisan Democratic judges who are willing to ignore the law can help them win elections. So the Dems are going to try to take full advantage of it in 2002

“Democratic Party leaders said Tuesday they will launch an extensive effort to promote and monitor voters’ rights on Election Day and will put “thousands” of lawyers in place to respond to voters’ complaints.

…”We are not going to stand on the sidelines while a third Florida election is bungled,” said Democratic Party Chairman Terry McAuliffe, who exhibited a new toll-free call line that will allow voters to register problems and have their calls logged with local election officials and party workers.

Fox News has more…

Democrats say they’ll be monitoring polling places around the country, and especially in Florida, to make sure that all people entitled to vote get to cast their ballots on Nov. 5. Republicans say they’ll also be watching for vote fraud.

…The effort will be led by the Democratic National Committee’s Voting Rights Institute, led by longtime party activist Donna Brazile. The institute held hearings to gather information about voting rights violations and worked in New Jersey and Virginia to help voters with problems.”

Well let’s look at what we have here shall we? We have the Democrats monitoring elections across the country, setting up a hotline “that will allow voters to register problems”, putting thousands of lawyers in place, and the whole thing is being run by Donna Brazile, Al Gore’s campaign manager.

The general idea here is to win as many elections as possible at the ballot box and then to steal as many elections as possible in the courts. In close races around the country that the Democrats lose, they’ll have their lawyers looking for any angle they can use to challenge their loss in court. If necessary, they’ll probably even hire telemarketing firms (like they did in Florida) to drum up calls for their new toll-free number. Then they’ll hope they can find enough partisan liberal judges who’ll be willing to do whatever it takes to help the Democrats win. At that point, we’ll be treated to speeches by the likes of Al Gore and Terry McAuliffe about how, “every vote should count” while they try thwart the will of the voters in a court room.

Democrats may make short term gains with these sorts of tactics, but long-term it will hurt their party. Americans don’t like sore losers, cheaters or whiners and they detest sleazy lawyers. If the public starts to perceive that the Democrats as a bunch of crybabies who try to get “their judges” to hand them elections they didn’t win, there will be a huge backlash against the Dems at the ballot box. There have now been two prominent cases where the Dems have looked that way (Florida and New Jersey). If there are a slew of new Democratic attempts to steal elections in 2002 then I think the Democrats will pay a real price for it in 2004.

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