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Folks, now that I am writing for RWN, I can provide you with the information I regularly receive from the American Petroleum Institute.

Below is an email from Jane Van Ryan of API regarding taxes on Energy. At the bottom is a link so that you can get politically involved to prevent politicians from increasing the cost of living.

Hello, DA,

I’ve got some information for you today that might be helpful for a post about energy taxes. As you probably know, the administration’s 2010 budget contains an unprecedented number of taxes and fees – in excess of $400 billion – on the U.S. oil and natural gas industry.

Needless to say the impact of these new taxes could be very bad for the economy and consumers. As API’s president Jack Gerard has stated, “Raising taxes in a time of economic decline is a recipe for disaster. Hoover did it in the 1930s, Carter did it in the 1970s and President Obama wants to do it now. Higher industry taxes could result in less, not more, job security, and be felt throughout the entire economy, discouraging business expansion, investment and job creation. Historically new taxes have hurt businesses, threatened jobs and resulted in higher prices – stealing money from every American household.”

If you’re interested, I have several items on this topic that could be useful to you. We have updated our Rhetoric vs. Reality page on, and yesterday I recorded a podcast with Ray Keating from the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council for API’s EnergyTomorrow Radio series. You can listen to his podcast here.

Finally, you and your readers can use this form at our Partnership site to contact your congressional representatives to encourage them to oppose these proposed taxes. If you are concerned about oil and gasoline supplies and prices, feel free to issue a “call to action” and invite your readers to weigh in on this important issue.

Take care, and please keep in touch!


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