Eric Holder: Putting Gitmo Terrorists In American Hotels?

In George Bush’s America, the government worked to kill terrorists and keep them out of the country. In Barack Obama’s America, the government brings the terrorists into and puts them up in hotels.

At another point, a questioner earnestly asked of those Guantanamo detainees who are believed to be innocent could be put in a hotel somewhere.

“Hotels might be a possibility, it depends on where the hotel is,” joked Holder.

Before the speech, Holder met with reporters, saying the United States has made decisions on a group of about 30 detainees, but has not yet decided where it wants to send them.

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He said the United States is weeks away from asking certain countries to take detainees.

Four things.

#1) The article says he’s “joking,” but the reality is that he does favor releasing terrorists into the general population. If that happens, it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising if the government put them up in hotels — while they look for a permanent place for them to live that will most assuredly be nowhere near where Barack Obama, Eric Holder, or their families happen to be.

#2) This is one of the many reasons why we shouldn’t be closing Gitmo and it highlights how incredibly naive Obama was to say that he is going to close the jail at Guantanamo Bay without having the slightest idea what he is going to do with the prisoners.

#3) Eric Holder should be fired for supporting the idea of releasing these terrorists into the general population.

#4) Let me also add that if Barack Obama releases Gitmo captives into the general population in the US, he should impeached.

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