Even Businesses Foist Their Bias–UPDATED

When I was in Destin a week or so ago, I stopped by the Barnes-n-Noble to pick up, hopefully, Jonah Goldberg’s book Liberal Fascism (a must read, by the way).

Here is what I saw:

To calm down from the irritating book display: a walk on the beach.

And this picture I uploaded for my own amusement. Have you ever seen a more hideous lamp? This was the lamp that was in the house we rented. There is no accounting for taste, I’ll tell you that. That thing probably cost a lot of money. It’s more than a little frightening. Don’t you find monkeys as decorative objects freaky?

All photos taken with my 3G iPhone.

UPDATED: This B&N was located in Destin, Florida. There were few conservative books at all. I found one copy of “Liberal Fascism” and one copy of John Fund’s “Stealing Elections” nestled in the Current Events section. One would think, from a business perspective, that the goal would be to cater to the clientele–which in the panhandle is predominantly conservative. But, no.

I can safely guesstimate that the ratio of liberal to conservative books was at least 3:1, probably more like 4:1. That included the table displays (where a tiny corner of the other side of the table pictured had like four obscure–not best seller–books) and the book shelves.

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