Evironmental Whacko Vs. Environmental Whacko

Environmental Whacko Vs. Environmental Whacko: Windmills are an inefficient waste of money and if I had my way there wouldn’t be another one of them built in the United States. But unfortunately the environmentalists push them at every opportunity because they don’t cause pollution. However, even WINDMILLS aren’t acceptable to some of these greenies as they found out in PA when they started building “47 giant windmills along a five-mile stretch of the wooded Moosic Mountain Ridge”…

“It’s a recipe for taking large areas of green space and slicing them in half,” said Kenneth Mayers, treasurer of the local chapter of R.E.S.C.U.E., an environmental group challenging the state’s issuance of a permit for the wind farm.

Area Sierra Club members also have urged caution, stressing that they support wind power but want to make sure the turbines are put in the right place.”

If not windmills, then what?!?!? Good grief….

“Members of R.E.S.C.U.E., which originally stood for Return Susquehanna County Under Ecology, are worried that the 47 turbines would forever alter the character of the mountain ridge, parallel to Route 296.

“It’s like paradise,” said Paul Ferraro, a group member. “That’s the biggest stretch of undeveloped land we have, and once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

Naturally the eco-weenies have filed an, “appeal with the state Environmental Hearing Board.” That’s a standard tactic these days, file appeals, lawsuits, etc, and tie this stuff up endlessly until people just give up on it. You know if they’re so in love with “undeveloped land” maybe they should get all their friends together after their next nature hike and take up a collection to buy the land instead of being a throbbing pain in everyone else’s collective necks. But that would require some of that “personal sacrifice” they keep demanding that everyone else make so that they can be comforted with the knowledge that there’s still an open field somewhere that can’t be used for anything useful.

“Tom Gray, deputy executive director of the American Wind Energy Association,” summed it up well.

“It is frustrating,” Gray said. “There are environmentalists that want to compare wind plants with nothing, and we can never win. Nothing is really great, except it’s hard to get any electricity out of it. The U.S. demand for electricity is continuing to grow, and it’s got to come from someplace.”

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