Excitable Andy Still Pushing Trig Twooferism

Are there any adults at The Atlantic who can put a stop to this? Apparently not, as that is a question that has been asked since Andrew Sullivan started in on the whole “Trig is really Bristol Palin’s daughter, not Sarah’s,” malarky. And it contines on yet again. It’s certainly not as bad as Trithersim, and not as fun as Birtherism. It is plainly insane, and makes the people who run The Atlantic look like morons

Todd recounts it:

But there were ominous signs–indications of an erratic nature. This is the third thing McCain could have discovered about Palin–a woman, after all, who kept a pregnancy secret for seven months, flew all the way home from Texas to Alaska with a near-full-term baby while leaking amniotic fluid, and then finally drove the 45 minutes from Anchorage to a hospital in Wasilla, all so that the child could be born in the 49th state.

Actually, that latter point is a non-sequitur.

Palin could have gone to a major hospital in Anchorage and delivered the child and still have Trig as an Alaskan. But, no, she had to add an extra risk to her unborn child by ensuring her local hospital and family doctor could deliver the child – even if that extra 45 minutes (like the ten hours that preceded it) could have posed a deathly risk to a special needs infant, newborns who often need specialized care in delivery. It remains true that no one in the MSM will investigate the details of this truly bizarre story – and MSM journalists instead have devoted their efforts to demonizing any journalist who tries.

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You know where he is going, right? Excitable Andy has to skirt the edges, as he was warned at one point by the people who run The Atlantic to chill out. One of Sully’s staffers wrote that he was basically nuts, while sitting in for Sully.

You’d think photo evidence would be enough, but, no. He still runs with insane conspiracy theory. One which most on the Left, and he is most definitely on the Left, the far, far, far left, one which they won’t touch.


Meanwhile, in other Palin news, a Vanity Fair piece opens old wounds. Supposedly. Maybe inside the beltway, but, most of us out in the base could care less what the insiders caught by the system and act like Democrat Lite care.

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