Exclusive Interview: Chirac Advises Bush How to Avoid War

Exclusive Interview: Chirac Advises Bush How to Avoid War: Shortly after his exclusive interview with Time Magazine, French President Jacques Chirac sat down in the Elysee Palace for an even more exclusive session with an unnamed ScrappleFace editor.

Here are key excerpts of that interview:

Why is France shirking its military responsibilities to its oldest ally? Ally? Which ally?

To the United States…your ally for more than 230 years….located several thousand miles to the west of Paris. Ah, oui…We don’t like to think of it as shirking our responsibilities to the U.S., but rather as keeping our responsibilities to our ally, the Republic of Iraq. France is obviously not anti-American, we are simply pro-Iraqi. Of course, we don’t like Saddam Hussein, and we wish he would go away. But we think this goal can be reached without starting a war. We currently have a program to deal with that — it’s called “souhait sur une étoile.” (Cont)

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